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RegsPlans Ltd are a Birmingham based architectural services provider serving the country by delivering high quality planning and building regulations drawings at affordable fixed prices.

A Full Time Dedicated Team…

We are a dedicated and highly motivated team of people who have created a simple, cost effective and highly efficient business model to provide a fixed cost architectural services solution.

A Practical Background Of Design, Construction and Renovation…

Prior to focusing our efforts exclusively on the delivery of high quality Architectural Services in 2011, the founder members of the team were heavily involved in hands-on property development alongside commercial architectural design and project management roles- so the company was based on real life relevant and practical experience and expertise.

The newer members of the team have been invited to join us on the merits of their diverse backgrounds. They are able to draw from their varied practical and academic qualifications to contribute to our professional and well experienced design team.

Put simply, we don’t just draw pictures for our customers. We know exactly what you are about to embark upon and understand what is and what will be important to you - we’ve been there ourselves.